Whipped | z.h |

Whipped | z.h |

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kissmetae By babydollnh Completed

The blonde was just about to take a bite into his cookie when a black van was in front of him. He is not surprise. This happens every other day but he didn't expect it now when he just brought a cookie but oh well. 

Two men got out of the van only to pick him up and throw him into the van. "How many times do I have to tell you. Be more gentle when you pick me up. Who are you? A caveman? Have some respect" the blonde slap at the guys shoulder. 

The guy only ignores him as usual. He is not going to be gentle the next time. 

Ugh this is all zayns fault. Oh but he is so going to get it. 


Ziall AU. Warnings: 

Smut, possible mpreg (short details nothing fancy), mentions of violence, guns, mentions of gang leaders, mafia leaders, drug trafficking, an adorable whipped zayn.

I love this Niall!!!! 😈😇 yaasss... Let the story began.
smd_fangirl smd_fangirl Mar 31, 2016
Is Zayn even a person? Is Zayn an emotion? Is he even a place? We don't know
missafrica missafrica Oct 29, 2015
Awww nw I have 2 wait till 2morrow if only I could sleep 4 24 hours *sigh*