He rejected me and I punched him(on hold)

He rejected me and I punched him(on hold)

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Hi guys this is my first story so if it's bad sorry,so yeah.............

Adeline Carson it's a normal 17 year old werewolf........*clears throat* sorry let's start the other way.

Adeline Carson is tall and has dimples on her face she's tough,fierce,and beautiful and she is the pack warrior of the bloodmoon pack,her parents sadly died in a rouge attack and the only family she has it's her uncles,aunts, and cousins which by the way she has to live with them and she kinda hates them,she's also a golden wolf and her wolf name is rose.
Adeline was the only child her parents had.

She doesn't have friends because they're either too scared or ignored her.

She has a reputation of bad girl and troublemaker and she doesn't give a fuck what everyone says.And she keeps her emotions to herself.

But there's one little problem *takes deep breath*the soon to be alpha Ryder rejects Adeline in front of the whole school in the cafeteria in the day of her birthday.

(Don't worry about Ryder you will know him better in the story)

No,Adeline doesn't run or bawl her eyes for this bitch,No Adeline doesn't beg him to take it back or plead to why or why would he do this to her ,instead she punches him square in the face.

...........and he's knocked cold down ,but not before rejecting him.
(This  book will contain mature scenes and violence and bad language)

Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Sep 05
I love the way you are writing this book and keep up with the good work 😀 😀
*hears a slight crack* oh well I see the 4th wall might not last soon
bermuda1 bermuda1 May 05
Plz Use Quotaions It Bugs Me. Sorry I'm Not Great At Spelling.;P
                              People were just like
                              "What the actual hell?!!! Umm... anybody know any good physiatrics hospitals?"