Carla Croft Chronicles

Carla Croft Chronicles

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WillowEle By WillowEle Updated Jan 29, 2012

This is an ongoing series about a girl named Carla who's mom is the famous Lara Croft. Her friends Billie, Zach and Jack are really supportive. But can Jack hold back his passionate love for Carla. Find out in the fabulous and adventurous series of Carla Croft Chronicles.

Start with 'Mummy' and then go onto 'Home' and then go onto 'Back to School'. 

The fourth story coming very soon!


SunChangesLives SunChangesLives Oct 16, 2010
This is what we in the business call a filler chapter... Sets up the story for the next big thing.
                              Colour coded PJ's and Lamboghenis? AWESOMENESS
SunChangesLives SunChangesLives Oct 16, 2010
Erm- can I say WOW? 
                              I know this is just teh first one, but I have a gut feeling tehir gonna get better every time. Lets see if i'm right ;)