Niall Horan's Love Story {UNEDITED VERSION}

Niall Horan's Love Story {UNEDITED VERSION}

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felicity By MissHoranette Completed

[Note: This version is still up for reading, but its utter crap, and I am rewriting a whole new book which will be posted soon, but completely different to this. Read at your own risk]

 Emily Daniels used to love Harry Styles. When he broke her heart, she swore she'd hate them for all eternity. Two years later, they show up on her doorstep, and offer her to stay with them. Falling for Harry Styles was easy, falling for Niall Horan is even easier. 

Relationships never go smoothly, and after yet another heartbreak, Emily takes up the place she was given at a music academy, as she met Pixie Lott and her sister. When Harry comes crawling back, who will she choose? As Emily battles to decide, she joins the boys on tour! Under a disguise...

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stanzas stanzas Jul 29, 2014
Harry Styles is my ex-boyfriend, no biggie. I never told my best friend but that's cool.
Sarah_loves_niall Sarah_loves_niall Dec 01, 2013
This was my very first fanfic I ever read and I absolutely love it <3 brings back memories of my carrot days
MissHoranette MissHoranette Jul 08, 2013
Oh my Jesus Christ, reading back over this and I literally cringed. I am so sorry you had to read this. The rewrittion edition will be up soon and rest assured, you won't have to hide your eyes. Ugh, I hate this so much.
PostcardsXxPolaroids PostcardsXxPolaroids Apr 17, 2013
This was the first story I read when I learned what wattpad is:) Amazing story:)
sassclass_1D sassclass_1D Aug 24, 2012
@nickysingh96 aha yeah sorry.. But really. If your a big directioner those things really do tend to piss you off
sassclass_1D sassclass_1D Aug 04, 2012
@153297slr UGH. Really??!?!?!? Luoise?! Wow. I think somebody might be a Directionator...