giving lessons in sex | shawn mendes

giving lessons in sex | shawn mendes

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"Tell me what you want, Lacey." he whispers from in between my thighs as I turn my head to the side and moan.

"I want you to keep going." I whimper, and place my hand on his head. "Keep going."

He grins at me devilishly and does indeed, keep going.

"These lessons are going great," he says huskily and leans forward so his lips are where my neck and shoulder meet, sucking hard. I'm going to have love marks all over me tomorrow, that's for sure.

"Now if only I could get you to cum. You'd get an A." he says, and I come undone with his long fingers still inside me.

~ in which a girl's best friend offers her lessons in sex so she's confident when she does it with her crush - but will it turn into more than meaningless sex? Follow Lacey and Shawn's journey through their junior year full of jealousy, betrayal, danger, roller coasters of emotions, and sex to find out. ~

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Evergreen? Evergrown! I shall name you frank the evergrown plan attached to the Mendes trunk! I mean the Mendeshunk! This is an amazing tree! It really is!
Something big he feels it happining outta his control. Saw a girl bending over and he is like 'woah-aOAAO'
xxdeablogxx xxdeablogxx May 28
Needs more. Yoy jave to do from start to finish and it might get confusing
ultthe8 ultthe8 Nov 09, 2015
Your doing good smut for a beginner think you should keep going <3 ;)