Jeff the killer x reader

Jeff the killer x reader

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PhantomSuccubus By LumiShadow Updated May 18, 2013

[i do not own jeff the killer all credit of his very being is to the right owner, i am merely making a story for jeff fans. Please enjoy!]

We just sat in slendys mansion watching some nonsence movies. Most of the plots were wierd but filming in general make them even worse. Jeff seemed to like them, i wasnt suprised though. If a killer was watching a movie about killers id assume theyd have fun. For eight months our relationship grew from friends to close friends. Slendy says its love but Jeff and myself only see ourselves as friends...well maybe he does. From time to time ive wanted more from him, but then i scold myself because i dont want to take advantage of him.

 Weeks from the movie night jeff was out every night. Provably killing someone or an entire family for that matter. I was a little lonely, yeah their were other residents in slendys mansion but none of them were jeff. He was the one who got me a room in here in the first place.  No matter u wasnt going to be spoiled and ...

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Ayani_0604 Ayani_0604 Jul 11, 2017
Not really important to put this on here...everybody knows that you didn't make it...also we all know your just a fan as the try of us..0-0 (Not being mean! FYI!)
LuckyChain456 LuckyChain456 Jul 09, 2016
Me: Hey dad, can I borrow $20?
                              Slendy: *sighs* What do you need to buy this time...?
                              Me: Real food.
Slaying_Smut_Queeenn Slaying_Smut_Queeenn Jun 29, 2016
Why am I upset about pizza and Chinese food! That's my faves
AngelTheIrishAngel AngelTheIrishAngel Jun 02, 2016
I'm a master pick pocketer. Hee Hee! But I'm gonna make homemade Italian food. Since I'm Italian. My cooking is delicious. Or so I've been told.
Levisan12 Levisan12 Jul 11, 2016
Slaying_Smut_Queeenn Slaying_Smut_Queeenn Jun 29, 2016
WAIT! I turned down the opportunity to sit next of jeff! But worst of all, the thing that gives me shivers is.
                              I TURNED DOWN FOODED