Screw it, I'm Gay

Screw it, I'm Gay

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The Fangirl Whisperer By PandoraTheToast Completed

**WARNING: The warning is, that there is no warning. It's just a prank.**

Good morning. 
How are you?
If you look to your left, your see some tumblr complaints and jokes about LGBTQA+

If you look to your right, you will see more shitty humour related LGBTQA, with a hint of actual posts that show the world what people in the LGBTQA+ community go through.

If you look straig- oh wait nevermind.

You may enter, but please note the sign at the entry.

Note: Posts Are Not Mine M8.

Well, I mean I'm actually a timelord bunny unciorn (yes unciorn un-key-orn not unicorn)
                              MY GAY IS ALL THE WAY UP
                              NO ONE HAS NOTICED AT SCHOOL
                              ARE THEY DUMB
                              ABSOLUTELY YES
BlackRoses_RedRavens BlackRoses_RedRavens Nov 29, 2016
Person: god said..
                              Me: but neither the god or the goddess have any objection to the lgbt+ community that I am aware of.. *walks away to leave them working out what I meant about goddess
PsychoGrace PsychoGrace Dec 18, 2016
Nothing I'm bisexual and think you do whatever. I'm not your mom, I can't tell you what to do. Also my dad does not have the same viewpoint. I'm in a closet because he is a homophobic.
Nothing I'm bi three of my friends are gay and two of my other friends are pan.
BlackRoses_RedRavens BlackRoses_RedRavens Nov 29, 2016
Nothing not everyone giving birth to children is actually better for our planet at the moment