Screw it, I'm Gay

Screw it, I'm Gay

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Good morning. 

How are you?

If you look to your left, your see some tumblr complaints and jokes about LGBTQA+

If you look to your right, you will see more shitty humour related LGBTQA, with a hint of actual posts that show the world what people in the LGBTQA+ community go through.

If you look straig- 


You may enter, but please note the sign at the entry.


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Zacherie Zacherie Nov 01, 2017
Huh.. That's actually something I always wanted to ask and I would always thought of saying "It better not have to do with Christians and stuff please." Because I have seen and heard the same thing over and over that at this point it has washed into my head and I can't drain it
I feel like this is the part where I'm supposed to warn about us asexuals and our plans for world domination, but like, I'd probably have to talk to the Council of Dragons first. :/
The fact that every single time they walk, roses grow behind them and a rainbow forms above their heads. Do you know how many rainbows I gotta deal with?
                              (Joking if you didn’t know)
KaciSherman KaciSherman Oct 24, 2017
                              Joke! I’m bisexual myself! So yeah nothing. Homophobia is a sad reality still out there however I’m fit to abolish it. Who’s with me?!
LeSenpai LeSenpai Feb 09
LMFAO I don’t lie it when people argue with people who are religious or people argue with atheists but this is hilarious
Kaena-chan Kaena-chan Feb 25
                              LOOK HOW THAT WENT
                              -Bo Burnam, A Song from the Perspective of God