Full of hate, Till I met you ((Toothless x Dragon!Reader))

Full of hate, Till I met you ((Toothless x Dragon!Reader))

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SliverBlind By IrenaDarkAlphaWolf Completed

Y/n l/n was a spirited dragon, who is loyal and generous. Her companion Falina, who is a terrible terror and who is very irritating. In y/n's past, her own family was killed by those beasts, known as humans, they killed her family right in front of her 5 year old mind. The night fury's has flown into a knew place where they could live, but y/n didn't leave, she was furious. She made a vow not to trust any humans. 

Until one, night a night fury and his rider went to do a perimeter check around the island, and found the dragoness on the ground in a pool of blood.

So my first x mystical reader or something yh! Vote follow and comment

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Baby Blue scales with white underneath and grey and purple eyes.
DimensionalDragonvur DimensionalDragonvur May 28, 2016
Yup true. I tried to let go of my painful past memory but couldn't
PhoenixProphecy PhoenixProphecy May 08, 2016
I am gonna say that those people were dagur and his army or alvin and his army or the dragon hunters
jarelyn-chan jarelyn-chan Dec 26, 2015
It's strange that people still holds onto the past even it haunts them badly... and that includes me...
Breezyb3 Breezyb3 Nov 14, 2015
But what if what happened in the past can't stop bothering you? What if simple things can trigger the saddest memories you have?