D.Gray-girl ♠ D.Gray-man Fan-Fic

D.Gray-girl ♠ D.Gray-man Fan-Fic

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The Anime Goddess By AstriaX Updated Jan 23

'Her eyes and hair glow like the sun, yet hold none of its warmth.'

Nike knows what it feels like to have your soul crushed - ground to pieces like broken glass. But now with the only light in her life long since dead, she's become an emotionless recluse, an unbreakable shell to protect what little feelings she has left. She's determined to keep her heart locked away, even if she has to die to achieve it.

So when she does die, and wakes up in a tree in the middle of a gloomy forest, how will she fare? Especially when she meets people that want her to open up more than anything.

What will crack first? Her shell or her sanity?

  • action
  • adventure
  • akuma
  • allen
  • anime
  • blood
  • dgrayman
  • earl
  • innocence
  • kanda
  • komui
  • lavi
  • lenalee
  • noah
  • romance
Adripadher Adripadher Oct 07, 2017
Im actually looking forward to this rewrite!! 😁 good luck
GlassySkysClear88 GlassySkysClear88 Oct 10, 2017
Ooooo I really liked this. I feel like your writing style kind of changed.
Ryugan Ryugan May 06, 2017
It's those Yanderes, best just to jump town and hide in a bunker.
Jinx_Chan Jinx_Chan Apr 15, 2016
I had to read this a second time because I didn't see the word from and was questioning his antics