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D. Gray Girl | D. Gray Man Fan-Fic

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The Anime Goddess By AstriaX Updated Apr 01

I used to be a normal high school girl, attending school everyday and always getting told off by teachers for my 'special' personality. That is, until the day I died. That wasn't a very fun day, I can still feel the bruise on my rump.

Anyway, my childhood was reasonably messed up, having two parents who one moment are fawning over your very existence, and the next have dumped you on relatives to go have a 'permanent' vacation. I don't like my parents. 

I would have happily gotten on with life if it weren't for that fateful day I died, leaving me stuck in a strange yet familiar world with two more weirdos who insist on keeping me on a short leash, their names are Allen and Lavi. They were the first reasonably normal people I met in the world of D.Gray Man.

Oh what joy it is to be in a different dimension. But why couldn't it have been Naruto or One Piece   -_-||

I'm the D. Gray Girl

*I don't own D. Gray Man (but obviously you already know that) and this story also contains colourful language if you're okay with that*

Ryugan Ryugan May 06
It's those Yanderes, best just to jump town and hide in a bunker.
Jinx_Chan Jinx_Chan Apr 15, 2016
I had to read this a second time because I didn't see the word from and was questioning his antics