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The Flashy Avengers (The Flash {2014- TV Show} and Avengers Crossover) *Hiatus*

The Flashy Avengers (The Flash {2014- TV Show} and Avengers Crossover) *Hiatus*

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SamanthaPerry0 By SamanthaPerry0 Completed

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive and as he was running he didn't realize he entered one of the open wormholes around Central City. But instead of taking him to the other dimensions with Central City he ended up in a new place that has never heard of The Flash, Green Arrow, or even Batman. But there were superheroes called the Avengers that lived in New York City. The only problem is they mistake him for an enemy but when they realize he's on their side just lost can the Avengers help Barry Allen or The Flash get back home to his city?
-Season 2 of The Flash (Even though it's not complete)
-After Age of Ultron
-Pietro is still dead
-Barry Allen/Wanda (Brother/Sister relationship)

Meanwhile a random guy with a bow and arrows is chilling in the tree probably drinking coffee and eating a sandwich
ThoughtsFromAPen ThoughtsFromAPen Jul 29, 2016
I'm sorry but I must correct you, every one thinks Loki and Thor are brothers but their actually not they just act like it and from what I can tell Loki is more or Thor's uncle if I'm correct.
Ms_Marvel123 Ms_Marvel123 Oct 08, 2016
Sorry to correct but when you said that the Black Canary was Laura it's actually Laurel
binary_101 binary_101 Oct 05, 2016
My name Is Barry Allen and I think I'm in the wrong universe
CreeperSpeedster CreeperSpeedster Jun 19, 2016
Ive seen season 2 complete... All i can say: "BARRY, ARE U STU**D?! DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME YOU TRAVELLED IN TIME?!?"
CallMeBlaine CallMeBlaine Jan 13, 2016
I love ya even more now, and you're already an awesome writer! I can't wait till The Flash returns on the 19th :'3