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Like Wildfire (A Wattpad Featured Story)

Like Wildfire (A Wattpad Featured Story)

169K Reads 4.4K Votes 14 Part Story
Amy Reece By AmyLReece Completed

Sometimes rumors really burn...

Ben and Trissa used to be the "it" couple, but a misunderstanding has turned their love into something a whole lot more like hate.

Cameron falls for Hope at first sight, but does he really know anything about her?

Do these two couples even stand a chance at love? Not if their friends won't mind their own business! Rumors spread like wildfire in this modern homage to Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Auburncookie Auburncookie Aug 29, 2016
I just imagined a girl waking up to the guy in class and taking a bite of his muscles and saying 'Yum!' Afterwards
Lonna_Moody Lonna_Moody Jun 30, 2016
I just got finished reading a book that had one of the main characters name as Bryant so when I see this I'm like 'ARE YOU FÜCKING KIDDING ME'
leahNerd01 leahNerd01 Jun 17, 2016
Ermm, says the one fixing her make up in a school bathroom, ur only at school calm down, ur not goin on a night out....
staningoverthere staningoverthere Dec 08, 2016
These girls must be sluts and all the hairspray is getting to their brains because the last time I checked you don't eat muscles
life_is_beautiful115 life_is_beautiful115 Dec 21, 2016
I was in much ado about nothing. I played Beatrice. It was so fun
CorasZone CorasZone Jul 07, 2016
Weird, i think its sweet when my bf calls me babe .. anyway gotta keep reading tho