Long Distances (Yoonmin)

Long Distances (Yoonmin)

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Sexy Yoongi By Min-Yoongi Completed

Hes so beautiful.

Yet I'm so shy.

I wish I could tell him how I feel.

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LadyX565 LadyX565 Aug 28
Once we went on Omegle at a bday party and accidentally clicked video and it was just a black screen and someone yelled I REMEMBER SEEING YOU IN MY DADS DICK WHEN WE WERE SPERM so we ended it and laughed for like 3 minutes
BTS_WIngs BTS_WIngs Oct 05
I agree even though i'm reading fanfiction right now i love reading hardback or paperback books it's really amazing when you read they're so much more detail.
That is soo true. Like right now I'm visualizing this. That is the truth
I read 24/7 yoonmin and taekook fanfictions at wattpad does that count
LadyX565 LadyX565 Aug 28
This sounds like me and one of my internet friends since she left her Kik on wattpad and I was bored and decided to send her a message and now we've been friends for nearly a year
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