life is ok - a Life is Strange parody

life is ok - a Life is Strange parody

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Good Night Good Luck By Joltix Completed

I'm Max Caulfield, and I'm an everyday hero. Now, you may think this is your typical white-girl with superpowers and less than average breast size that somehow catches the interest of the white-boy jock, most popular boy of the school, and saves the planet from exploding or whatever. First of all, I'm gay as fuck so that jock can fling himself into a tornado for as much as I care, but everything is else is facts. Read this page-turning novel with me becoming a mature woman and making mature decisions so you can then get really disappointed when I still end up in the forbidden Sass Room, er, Dark Room. And it all started, when I took a picture of a blue butterfly...okay that's bullshit. I just really needed to pee but these two jerks decided that they should start shooting each other. Turns out that both of those jerks will ruin my life as well.

'I love this story just as much as I love you Max please notice me' - Warren Graham


'No more mosh pits for you, shaka bra' - Chloe Price

'Whatthefuckever' - Nathan Prescott

'We can properly discuss your future as a writer in my dark room' - Mark Jefferson

(I don't own Life is Strange, sadly. Rights to DontNod)

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Bitch no one give a crap about warren that piece of ugly trash
Is it me, but I was laughing at the photo cover of this book for too long? 😂