The girl with stars in her eyes

The girl with stars in her eyes

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Stella was left in the forest as a child, if she wouldn't have been saved that night she wouldn't have survived. She was raised by the hands of werewolves, one which she also was. 

Children of the sky series: book one.

started: 2nd November 2015
finished: 6th December 2015

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I hope this doesn't sound rude but the word is with, not whit. But I honestly love your book so far!
gamingnightmare gamingnightmare May 16, 2017
I'm not too fond of it but for some reason I find math fun 😳
NummyCrunch NummyCrunch Jan 30, 2016
It's ok English is my first language and I make those mistakes
spicy_cup_noodles_ spicy_cup_noodles_ Oct 25, 2016
Even with white people 
                              Not supposed to be offensive got this joke idea in my head so I grasped it😜
NummyCrunch NummyCrunch Jan 30, 2016
*with* not wit but I'm pretty sure Witt has to do with being smart