My Enemy

My Enemy

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Marshall McCarthy By Marsh02 Completed

Tristan Tomkins is a translator for the British army during World War 2, in Nazi occupied France. During a routine recon assignment, Tristan's entire regiment is massacred by German forces. Finding himself defenceless, alone and surrounded by the enemy, he is forced to infiltrate the German army to survive, after killing a German soldier and assuming his identity. Armed with the soldier's diary, strong competency in the German language and very little else, Tristan finds himself deep in enemy territory with only his wits and courage to help him survive. He immediately comes under the suspicion of his superior officer, and must stay one step ahead of him to stay alive. His consistent attempts to reunite with his battalion are constantly thwarted by bad luck and misfortune, leaving him at the whim of fate and chance.

Will Corporal Tomkins survive this ordeal? , or will he ultimately be discovered as an impostor? This an edge of your seat thriller that manoeuvres the reader through the suspense of being an impostor behind enemy lines, where even the slightest slip up could be your last.


"I was a bit dubious when I started reading it, as I'm not a fan of war stories, but I was transfixed and had to keep reading to see how Tristan managed to survive = brilliant read."