Three Jerks, One Chic & Me [[Completed]]

Three Jerks, One Chic & Me [[Completed]]

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Yuls By Yulie_Shiori Completed

Where can you find a Handsome, Cute, Cool and Gorgeous person? Does it concern you if they were famous? Or you're one of the person who doesn't care to the person around you?
  Are you the type of person who is the, "Hot Headed Type" and "Amazona Type"?
  How if the infamous group, "Trinity4" will come to your life and ask you if you can be their friend? Will you accept it or not?
  And why?
  Haley Miles Rouge is a Third year highschool student, who transferred to E.U or also known as Enchanted University. Who is the type of person that doesn't trust such people because of her past. But can Trinity4 will catch her cold heart and be their friend?

Highest Rank in Teen Fiction: #1 

  Date Started: 11/30/15 
  Date Finished: April 15, 2016
  Written by: Yulie_Shiori
  Cover made by: @KuroYuuki_Chan

PhebeJoyce7 PhebeJoyce7 6 days ago
Author pa-update po ng Secluded Feelings pleaseee. 😭👌 pangalawang basa ko na to oh.
badie-011 badie-011 Jul 08
Hai...Kei...Super ganda talaga nitong story na to...Yung book two still waiting pa rin ako sa Reedley Loveteam to be at the end!☺😊☺😊😍😘kinikilig ako!!
Any gaganda naman ng mga name nung characters nila excited na agad ako!!!!  😍😍😍