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Marvel Comic Whump/sick fics

Marvel Comic Whump/sick fics

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Natasha Romanoff By RealBlackWidow Updated 6 days ago

I've seen these kinds of books for all kinds of fandoms but non for mine so I thought why not do it myself! This book is full of hurt and sick fics by our fav marvel heroes. 

I do accept requests but I don't do smut,  tho I will imply it of I must

So if u enjoy some
Good Whump then this is the place for u!!

If u want a request just comment on my page or this book

danielle_specter danielle_specter Jul 27, 2016
I have an unhealthy obsession with my favorite characters of my favorite fandom's getting hurt or sick.
a_dead_phan a_dead_phan Jul 06, 2016
I just wish Pietro was actually ok. And now I'm crying over a dead fictional character. FANDOM LIFE IS GREAT.
The_Super_Soldier The_Super_Soldier Feb 24, 2016
NOOO!! Don't cry!! Cause then I'll cry and that'd be a mess!! 😭
agent2604 agent2604 May 14, 2016
*Bows*Wait...what am I doing?I'm a potterhead and a marvel fan WHY AM I BOWING TO MYSELF?
The_Super_Soldier The_Super_Soldier Feb 24, 2016
Wait.... He died?.... I don't remember..... I mean... Nothing like that happened in AAOU.... So.... He's alive!!! ❤️
Maya_Rogers Maya_Rogers May 13, 2016
Can you do one where Steve is sick and the reader calls bucky because she doesn't know what to do