{K Project} Yata Misaki x Reader [ONESHOTS AND CHAPTERS]

{K Project} Yata Misaki x Reader [ONESHOTS AND CHAPTERS]

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Moca Fran By Mocacchi Updated Nov 26

these are oneshots and some stories that have chapters but idk if i can update early

and i am afraid that these are the worst x readers you might have read.. i'm still not used to making stories so forgive me

oh . Warning. Some Cursing is involve in the story well..its Yata Misaki we're talking about. of course there should be some cursing in the story xD

oh. Please check out my Fushimi Saruhiko x readerand tell me what you think =)

UPDATE => Sorry!! >~<;; i got writer's block! I'll have to rewatch the whole anime to continue "Forgotten Memory" QwQ i'm sho shoooorryy

Chitose: Yata won't be dying a virgin anymore!
                              Me: Pfft- AHAHAHAHAHA
Whatever the fvck that game is, IDC. I can beat you on just dance motha fucka
What the hell does that Japanese shizzle mean.... All I know is Baka