Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast

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HisAngel By HisAngel11 Completed

He griped my arm so hard i screamed in pain. It will leave bruises.

"I'd be careful with my words if i were you. You can't say whatever you want in my house, let alone insult me. If you ever do that again you'll be condemned to death."

His deathly words made me realized i can't expected what he would do to me, what he was capable of. I tried to get away from his grip. 

His grim demeanor made me opened my eyes wide. This is the real him. This is James Black. He was the only one i should scared of. This proved what everyone's been telling, the cruelest man alive. Even worse, he was the monster. 

"You will not sleep or eat in this house until you know how to place yourself and have some respect." He said more like an order.

He turned his back and talk with the two guys at the door.

"Take her to the backyard, let her sleep outside." Then walked away.

Will Cassandra Pearce survive from the vicious cold-hearted billionaire James Black ?

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astertele astertele Feb 23
it always has to be blue or green eyes 
                              if it’s a guy then grey
cherrykisses1234 cherrykisses1234 Jul 16, 2017
Think it needs tweeking abit especially on the taster because if it doesn't make sense some people won't bother reading it. Fair play though posting it takes guts, I couldn't do it :) but constructive criticism is always good :)
coral1919 coral1919 Feb 12, 2017
I'm finding most mistakes to be issues with past and present words
Twizzlerbell Twizzlerbell Feb 24, 2017
The Bronx is actually where the humblest of all New Yorkers live
rahni123 rahni123 Dec 08, 2016
This needs some serious editing. I'm finding it hard to read while constantly correcting it. The story is good so far though
_dope_xx _dope_xx Dec 10, 2016
Dude no offense but ur grammar needs some help..I mean ur writing a book so like seriously do something about it. No criticism,just advise from a reader :)