The Female Alpha ||✔ (#Wattys2016)

The Female Alpha ||✔ (#Wattys2016)

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W(inter)orld By -voidyukimura Completed


In which a female werewolf becomes alpha of her pack because she has not yet found her mate...

Cover made by moi
  Highest ranking: #142 in werewolf [16/09/16]
  Started: 2015 Oct 29 
  Finished: 2016 Jun 28
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- - Aug 08
Me: Someone screamed!! Run away!!
                              Dad: That was your mother.
                              Me: Pfft… I knew that…
imagirlxx imagirlxx Aug 24
But then silver can kill wolves thoug o.O im confuse right now xD
To think she's only 4 and she thinks so Mature.While me I'm already 12 and still acts like a child😅😅😅
- - Aug 08
I forgot she was young and I'm like;
                              "Damn, why don't I wake up like that? 🤔"
emmagoR5 emmagoR5 Oct 09
I was like y is there a four there then after reading a couple pages I realised it must be her age 
                              Please correct me if I'm wrong
Let's be  honest.No one is ever in a good mood in the morning.