Her past & the new Avenger *SLOWLY EDITING*

Her past & the new Avenger *SLOWLY EDITING*

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A Steve Rogers/Captain America love story.

 Emma just moved to New-York and she's 19 years old. She moveed because her family died. So, she wants to start a new life. When she moved something happened and now she have super powers. She go in the army and after 3 years Nick Fury asked her to be in the Avenger team ans she might fall in love with someone....

Minougizmo Minougizmo Jan 01
If that happens to us id cry, sis, 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂
Fallen_Angel1415 Fallen_Angel1415 May 20, 2015
911 is also th number for the police in Canada, they usually route ur call to where u r, and if it's about another person in a different place, they route ur call to thats places local police station
AHS_or_die AHS_or_die May 13, 2015
Would I be the only one to bite the girl if she took my phone like get your damn hands back
MintFlavoredGummies MintFlavoredGummies Aug 15, 2014
It's kinda weird if you live in canada it's like easy French sentences like 'hello how's your day' or 'happy birthday my friend'or 'can I go to get a drink/go to the washroom
KarenElvidge KarenElvidge Jul 21, 2014
I assume "gergle" is George?! you really need to proof read before you post to ensure you grammar and spelling is correct you have a good story but those two things let you down
Queenofthepandas123 Queenofthepandas123 Jul 02, 2014
Your persons name and last name is the same as my cousins :)