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"I have a preposition for you," Russell turned her to face him, "Sleep with me," and she choked. "WHAT?!" 
Russell Cooper and Cleopatra 'Cleo' Atkins were complete opposites. There probably wouldn't exist two people more different then the two of them. The only connection between them was from Penny Cooper, Russell's twin sister and Cleo's best friend. But this seemingly cliché situation has a twist.

They both are attracted to each other, BAD!! Like a moth to a flame and like sodium reacting with water. To the outside world, they were arch enemies, constantly going head on with each other. Only they both secretly want to screw the other's brains out.

In a heated argument, one thing led to another and Russell found himself giving his 'enemy' an outrageous and downright scandalous proposal: Become his fre-enemy with benefits, AKA sleep with him whenever wherever they both want.

"I know you can't get enough of me," He tells me, "You wish Cooper!" I reply snidely. 

After a lot of internal debate, Cleo agrees and they both find themselves constantly christening any secluded place they could find. They can only hope no one finds out, but how long can they continue the charade without feelings getting in the way?

"There's just one golden rule, don't fall love."
Previously titled as "Dear Friend With Benefits"


drmyam drmyam Apr 11
The description remind me of course Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl
                               Gossip Girl.
jrod567 jrod567 May 31
Awe, he bothered her so she would pay attention to him😙❤❤❤