Finding Submission

Finding Submission

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Mira Heart By MiraHeartWild Updated Dec 23, 2017

Marissa Koshka is a feisty woman who is small in stature but big in heart and drive. She is looking for something new and exciting in her life because she feels as if she is just walking a preordained path.

By accident she stumbles upon the DBSM lifestyle. What she sees and learns about shocks, thrills, and entices her. Is this what she has been searching for? 

Enter Dimitri Verris. A dark and sexy, dominant man, with a penetrating blue gaze and a intoxicating voice. This man is like no other she has ever met before. 

((((((This story has been edited and now is a hetero plotline.))))))
---if you are looking for the story about Frost and Isaac please go to my page and click on Cold Submission---

(This is a SSC BDSM book. Safe Sane Consensual.) 
(BDSM, Sexual content, 18+)

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level-up-ksl1 level-up-ksl1 Jun 13, 2016
I really want to know what happened? This prologue has got to be one of the best.
Curiosity-is-alive Curiosity-is-alive Jan 10, 2016
I'm gonna read this but I'm not a fan of  girl x boy bdms I'll give it a try tho!!!
SeaOfHazel SeaOfHazel Dec 31, 2015
*Just waits for the feels to start destroying and rebuilding all at once*
EmyofAsgard EmyofAsgard Dec 28, 2015
Soooo good. Just curiosity is he demetri from sweet submission?  :-D
midnighticycreeper midnighticycreeper Dec 15, 2015
Wait i thought this was about the Previous subs (And Doms i guess) healing over what happened ._.
Coralie56 Coralie56 Dec 13, 2015
And you make us wait to know what it's about! You're so deliciously mean!