How Can I Keep Dancing? [ON HOLD]

How Can I Keep Dancing? [ON HOLD]

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RosemarieHathaway By RosemarieHathaway Updated Sep 04, 2011

Summer love blooms in Philadelphia, 1939. 

Charlotte Rhodes, a witty but quiet ballerina stumbles across Elijah Mackenzie, a popular and most attractive boy at Clayton High. Over the summer, they are drawn to each other, falling into their own blissful romance.

Until September 1st, and Poland is invaded by the Germans, the two are oblivious to the horrors that approach, and the journey that rips them apart may well kill them both. Will their love be strong enough to hold them together?

  • 1939
  • adventure
  • aristocrat
  • ballerina
  • ballet
  • candy
  • carnival
  • chanel
  • charlote
  • charlotte
  • dance
  • dancing
  • drinking
  • ducky
  • elijah
  • fair
  • family
  • father
  • floss
  • games
  • holocaust
  • irish
  • james
  • kiss
  • lake
  • letter
  • love
  • macka
  • mackenzie
  • meade
  • mother
  • noah
  • opera
  • philadelphia
  • pub
  • queen
  • rhodes
  • rich
  • rides
  • romance
  • summer
  • swan
  • swing
  • teenagers
  • theater
  • war
  • wizard
  • world
TheLibMyster TheLibMyster Feb 26, 2011
I like it but i won't add it to my libary as i have a lot of books in their already. xx 
RosemarieHathaway RosemarieHathaway Feb 25, 2011
                              Just as long as you keep reading, then I'll surely criticize your stories :D
NightShade_Epiphany NightShade_Epiphany Feb 25, 2011
this is amazing! I was wondering if u could read my stories and give me some criticism? Im still a fairly amatuer writer :P
brawlmight brawlmight Dec 22, 2010
I really like this story, and your wording and phrasing really puts an emphasis on what is essential to know for the story. 
                              By the way, I love your picture of Jake Gyllenhaal.(;
                              Continue writing, and I voted.(:
RosemarieHathaway RosemarieHathaway Oct 25, 2010
@RaeF1994 Thats cool, I'll change it, and if it's worth mentioning, I'm religious as well, so I get where you're coming from :D
Rachel24601 Rachel24601 Oct 24, 2010
I admit I was a bit unsettled by your use of a cuss word in the Dear Reader (that would be the good little church girl in me; maybe you could change it to "crap" and still get your message across?), but it's a very well-written and attention-grabbing prologue.