My Very Own Fairy Tail (Natsu X Reader)

My Very Own Fairy Tail (Natsu X Reader)

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Anime Enthusiast✔️ By natsufangirl2000 Updated Jul 17

There's a new Mage in town and her name is (y/n) (l/n)! With white flame dragon slaying magic, she protects her friends and family from danger.

Her journey begins in Magnolia, where she then comes across the guild, Fairy Tail. At first it was awkward for her (since she didn't know anybody) but she started to make bonds that would last her a life time.

But a sudden emotion called love stands in her way. She feels as if she shouldn't love because it will only make her a burden and cause trouble.

Her adventure begins now!

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I'm gonna bond. Just like hydrogen and oxygen in water! 
                              ... I have no friends...
xxjoraxv xxjoraxv Nov 03
lol just imagining Natsu trying to do the same made my day 😂
You know that you are just flipping them off in Chinese in my version
xxjoraxv xxjoraxv Nov 03
“ oh ... yes Mira .. oooh la la - ahm I mean no it’s nothing like that :) “
xxjoraxv xxjoraxv Nov 03
“His well built chest”.. damn I just saw “his well built chest” in my mind xD ... + Natsu, Get yourself together boy 💔🔥
xxjoraxv xxjoraxv Nov 03
Really?! Like now ?! I’m sick and you care for your shoes?? :) :) :)