Playing The Game

Playing The Game

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Zaaayyy😜 By 0XjmD0 Updated Nov 17, 2017

"Wake yo ass up!"

I open my eyes to be met with a cold piece of metal against my forehead. Fear does not even begin to describe what I'm feeling right now. A door opens and light comes pouring in, and I turn my head to see one of the  two people I'm afraid to piss off. Yet, I have.

"Don't look scared now," He says smoothly but with a menacing glare on his face. "I promise I never meant for things to get this far," Appearing calm but mentally freaking the fuck out. "Ion give a fuck about how far you wanted things to go, you TRIED to play me. But yo ass wasn't smooth enough with it." My mouth just hung open because I couldn't believe he assassinated my intelligence in such a way. He looked over at the dude holding the gun to my head and told him to leave, in a very rude manner might I add. Once ole dude closed the door he began to approach me.

"Man," I began with my hands raised as if to stop him, " lets just talk in a calm and mature fashion." He looked at me like 'really nigga' and ...

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Ajstories22 Ajstories22 Nov 17, 2015
I really like it so far I want to read more which is good, I hope in the coming up chapters you gives names and all that good stuff but it was good so far