Werewolf Fantasies

Werewolf Fantasies

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chagichagi By chagichagi Updated Nov 05, 2010

So, this is me trying out the supernatural.. Well, werewolves! It's totally different from my other story. Uh, it's a love story, of course. I hope you enjoy it. Leave me comments and such. I appreciate it.


Chapter One: The Fortune

-->Leena's POV:

"Come on Leena, what do you have to lose?" 

I looked over at Rae, my sister. She was also the person who thought that going to a psychic on my birthday was fun. Yay.. Not. Why she thought a twenty one year old would enjoy going to a psychic was beyond me. I, for one, would've enjoyed staying home with Orange, my pug, watching horror flicks. Okay, okay, so it's not the stuff fantasies are made of, but hey, I'm a realist. 

"Rae, how do you know this psychic," I said, using air quotes, "is even for real?"

Rae sniffed, "That's not what this is about.."

"I don't see the point in wasting my money.." I argued.

"You won't.. I'm paying." 

This was just like Rae. She always had to have her way, no matter what. "Fine," I s...

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jessisisimon jessisisimon Oct 09, 2017
I cant wait for the next chapter err or is it the end already?  Keep it up i love this one and favorite already 😍
Rocky_Loves Rocky_Loves Jan 28, 2016
😂😂 well then don't complain go along with it she's paying
TakeItAwayXD TakeItAwayXD Oct 14, 2011
OMG PERFECT first chapter :DDDDD hmmm i feel weird commenting on this when all of the other comments are like a year old :P hahaaha but whatever, this is awesome!)!
kjirst54 kjirst54 Jul 21, 2010
Wow I love what I have read so far u r a really good writer 
nicoleyorkova nicoleyorkova Jul 13, 2010
This is really good!! I love how the physic made them get out!! And I think that the wolf is the one looking for her.
NativeRain20 NativeRain20 Apr 15, 2010
wow that was an amazing way to start this story, i loved it:)