Mystery Girl { Vanossgaming X Reader }

Mystery Girl { Vanossgaming X Reader }

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She was a youtuber, but people found her mysterious since she never did a face reveal, never played a game with anyone else but one person, and she never told her name. Not even one hint.

Her YouTube name was YT/N but, she did have a friend known as "Ms. Insanity". Also, YT/N had a brother but who?

Vanossgaming, he watched her videos every night and wondered if she'll ever show her face. He always wanted to know, he was curious. 

Pax East was coming up and the two girls go.


"You ready?"

"Yeah, how 'bout you S*******?"


"Lets go!"

"It's finally time for YT/N and Ms. Insanity to do their face reveal! Right here, right now!"

Markanoss Markanoss Aug 28, 2016
Nooooo....... The Banana Bus Crew 😂 vanoss is not the leader. Just clearing that up to inform you! No hate 😊
Emo_Kitty350 Emo_Kitty350 Jan 27, 2016
As in Timothy Sutton like as in Masky real name because last time I checked Marbel Hornets was shot in Rosswood...
PhoenixSketch PhoenixSketch Dec 30, 2016
BOSSES CALM DOWN! The greatest boss of all was not mentioned, BUT remember it says more!
Chloe_Weasley Chloe_Weasley Dec 19, 2016
People who watched rise of the tomb raider from Mini Laddknows that Trinity is evil.
fluffy_unicorn2004 fluffy_unicorn2004 Dec 27, 2016
Is this pretty little liars setting at or I'm just thinking wrong???
DemonicAppleBlossom DemonicAppleBlossom Nov 24, 2016
That's weird cuz I have a book with a character named Trinity who knows Wildcat