Rejected By Her (On Hold)

Rejected By Her (On Hold)

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§Kaylee§ By _Mystify_ Updated Jul 11, 2016

"Wait! Please don't leave me I swear I'll stop just give me a chance! Please Alex, just one!" He cried out to me as I turned my back on my player of a mate and left him there with his heart broken like it should be. That day I thought he would get that there would never be an us and move on, but I guess he's not that smart and refuses to give up. 

Geez, for one guy, he's as annoying as a million yelling people. 

This is how I, Alexandra Frans, the Beta's daughter, rejected my mate, Daxon Herth, the player of the school and Alpha's son in front of the entire school... And I don't even feel sorry in the slightest.

Alexandra Frans is the daughter of  the Beta and wanted to live a normal life. Finish high school, meet her mate, have a child or two, and live happily ever after with no strings attached. So guess her surprise when she has her gym class ruined by her mate, the Alpha's son, making out with the pack whore.

Daxon Herth is the son of the Alpha. He is a cocky, self-centred 19 year old man, who sleeps around with every girl that is willing. On his birthday, he was too full of himself to notice the people around him and was caught making out with the pack slut, by his mate. When Alexandra rejects him, he tries his hardest to get her back, but she doesn't seem to want to listen.

Will Alexandra be willing to give him a shot, or will she leave him behind and go find love somewhere else? Will Daxon fight for her back or just go back to his player ways?

Read to find out!!

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0909EB 0909EB Jan 02
Seriously? I get up at 6:30am and get on the bus at 7:17... how you school so late?
NLUSHS NLUSHS Mar 15, 2017
Don't look at him, he's probably crazy!
                              -motherly words for teenager
julizpaleo100 julizpaleo100 Sep 29, 2016
wow wow wow, give the poor guy a chance, you guys just met... well as mates!
Forever_Musoka Forever_Musoka Sep 05, 2016
1. He should have saved himself
                              2. Give him a chance 
                              3. I would have done the same thing
CoconillaX CoconillaX Sep 23, 2016
Didn't they tell you that my name is Alex
                              And I'm a goddamn savage.
bintysohot1 bintysohot1 Aug 02, 2016
He probably smelled her scent and thought it was the other girl makela