Shisui's little sister: Uchiha Rinorah

Shisui's little sister: Uchiha Rinorah

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(Apparently now a Oc X Sasuke[Not really]) 

Do you know about Wishing upon a star?
Well it's real...

Rin was just a standard school girl until she wishes on a star to go to the Naruto Universe as a Uchiha.

Well her wish came true that night....that sounds wrong but whatever -_-....

**Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.... Naruto belongs to the rightful owner. I do not own the pictures I post on this either.**

[Oc is described as "Mary Sue"]
[Oc's appearances can differ (because Author-chan can't find good pictures with "same" looks)]
[Sequel with explain some questions you might have later on in the story]

                              YOUR ARE MY FRIEND AHH
                              -One of those random naruto openings
This was how my elementary school was, except I spit in their faces if they came near me. I was a mean child, lol.
ZaibSyed ZaibSyed Jul 23
Hi. Just wanted to know where (and how) did you find the picture for Rinorah that is on the cover? I'm writing a Naruto fan fiction but can't find a suitable picture of a blonde konoha female ninja. Can you help me?
Yes cause Anime 
                              Is simply 
                              The fuel in our lives 
                              The true meaning of an otaku 
                              And the place
                              Where we discover the truth about 
                                  The beautiful yet cruel life
Raizenix Raizenix Jul 17
Never seen a bag of Cheetos before kids? Look ~ None for you~
Same, I would probably have committed suicide by now if it wasn't for Anime.