The Omega's Blind Mate #Wattys2016

The Omega's Blind Mate #Wattys2016

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Raven Reyes By XxMoonChangexX Updated Oct 05

Paris, as a 10 year old her mother went missing, and she mysteriously lost her vision. She has lived like a normal but blind teenager for six following years. Her stepmother, Genesis, which whom she has been living with for these years let's her walk to school, on the anniversary of her mothers disappearance. After school she finds herself wanting to take a walk through the city, suddenly it seems like her body stops functioning. She drops her walking stick as her body freezes, and all feeling falls away, that is, until she starts to feel a strange electric shock running in her veins.

Lexis, the Omega of the Black Shadows pack finds his mate, during an attack on the territory he smells the scent, as it is carried by the wind. After those attacking the pack are finished or running like cowards he traces the scent all the way too where the humans occupied. He finds her frozen like a statue standing in the middle of a busy walkway, he pulls her from human eyes and looks her over. Finding that she is blind makes something in him awaken and be over protective of her. More protective than any were-being has ever been. Another attack happens after getting her and her step mother to the pack house, forcing them to a new location.

But things go from a sort of comfort to something almost entirely different. Things happen, Paris begins having dreams. Like a memory. It happens to all three of them, even if they don't tell each other all the time of the things they see...they know it is connected to something much larger. Something bigger than themselves, than the pack and bigger than the species that they are. Human and Were. The only thing they have are the bonds. All of the past, the present and the future. And so much more as they become more familiar of the world they live in and who they share it with.

DISCLAIMER: Paris is kind of weak and quite frankly submissive. Genesis is a little stronger. And Lexis is just so freaking possessive.

XxMoonChangexX XxMoonChangexX Nov 01, 2015
@poetpup I was coming back to these chapters to fix just those things. I might have also forgotten thank you so much for reminding me. I am also incredibly pleased you like this story already! Thank you for your input.
poetpup poetpup Nov 01, 2015
Great story. Got me hooked. Only problem is there's alot of misspelling and grammatical error,plus many misplaced words. You might wanna fix that or have an editor too. I'm excited to see where this story is heading too.