His Beloved

His Beloved

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"Well you're wrong, because I'm yours and only yours" I say to her, she trembles as my cold breath fans her neck
"What If I don't want you?" she fights back weakly, but its too late, and she knows it is. I wrap my arms around her waist and bring her closer into me, her body making mine hum in pleasure. I feel and hear her heartbeat race in her chest as I whisper into her hair
"Too bad, because we already belong to each other." that's when I crash my lips on my beloved's.


cover by: madeofclumsy

P.S. Please don't pay attention to the cast, I keep a list of the characters in the story, it's explained in the Authors Note  :)

P.P.S. Pictures belong to their rightful owners. I own none of the photos I add in this story! :)

P.P.P.S hehe :D um, so the romance of the story starts super quickly (my mistake, obviously) so read at your own risk, plus there will be some super cringeworthy stuff in this story! (Basically the whole story XD)

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lovelysmile- lovelysmile- May 23, 2017
One of my weaknesses.. Guys who care for babies and elderly people
tonia0205 tonia0205 Jul 10, 2016
I thought he was going to say curves in all the right place.....damn savage much......niw say it to her face that would be hilarious!!!!
Princessmelaniee Princessmelaniee Jul 16, 2016
Who knows the author maybe putting sarcasm in the 'few hundred thousand years ago' and may think we are smart to know that it's sarcasm
BtsLuvKpop BtsLuvKpop May 23, 2016
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, sometimes everything ain't what it seems or what you want it to turn out to be
hann1357 hann1357 Aug 06, 2016
OMG what if there was a book made about a vampire that fell in love with a girl who had more silicon in her body than muscle. I'd die
helpilostmyname helpilostmyname Dec 27, 2016
This is very refreshing I've always read books that were all the girls pov or the girl and guys pov mixed so this will be interesting for me :)))