tricksters   ( dirkxjake davexjohn )

tricksters ( dirkxjake davexjohn )

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Caitlyn Morgan By red_homestuck_101 Completed

Dave  and his older brother dirk   are demon hunters  they both split  up to take different jobs but  they  both run into the one demon  you never want to   encounter. tricksters ! dirk meets a green eyed  demon and dave meets a blue eyed one will they over come there powers and kill them? or be subdued? 

( dirkxjake )
( davexjohn )

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AleeaDavis AleeaDavis Aug 11
I have my own version...
                              Ring around the rosy, 
                              A pocketful of posies, 
                              Ashes, ashes,
                              We all fall down!
                              Ring around the rosy,
                              What do you suppose we can do to fight this darkness in which we drown?!
                              Ring around the rosy,
                              This evil thing it knows me!
                              I can't fall down!...
Dev_Senpai Dev_Senpai May 22
Jesus John take a chill pill and kiss Dave ;p; whoops did I say kiss Dave? I meant makeout with Dave :3
emzzy321 emzzy321 Jul 29
"have fun" hehehehehe John u little demon perv( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
MadoshiHikari MadoshiHikari Nov 20, 2016
I knew he was a trickster but damn
                              That still scared tf outta me
- - Dec 27, 2015
John: " I might have fun with this one " what kind of fun John * eyebow wiggle *