Photograph (Lauren/You)

Photograph (Lauren/You)

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cover - @ArcticFlux 

You, Y/N L/N, are known as the mysterious girl. You take pictures of things, and you don't talk very much. You're closed off, I wouldn't say shy, but just closed off. You've learned to keep your distance from people and not get involved. Your only friend, and best friend, is Camila Cabello. 

Lauren Jauregui. She's popular, but not the stereotype popular. She's nice to all, even the nerds, and let's not forget; absolutely beautiful. Her three other best friends are the same; Ally, Dinah and Normani. 

Camila Cabello. Your best friend, practically your sister. She's goofy, funny and gorgeous. She has girls and guys chasing after her; and if she wanted, she could be in Lauren's little group of friends. But she decided to stay with you. 

Dinah Jane Hansen. One of Lauren's best friends. She's tall, but absolutely ravishing. She's gorgeous, funny and doesn't hesitate to give people a Polly Beat down - if they deserve one, of course. 

Normani Hamilton. Another one of Lauren's best friends. Let's admit, she's fucking sexy. But not only that, she's a skilled dancer and also beautiful. 

Last but not least, Ally Brooke Hernandez. She may be small, but she is a feisty one. She's most likely the mother of the clique. She's the one who will take responsibility and charge. 

disclaimer; this book will focus on every girl's life, but mostly yours and Lauren's.

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i dont really want normally feelings thank you v much i'd like to keep my heart intact haha
i had a heart attack the fuckign person who made that other lis comment was psychic
AlyGhaea_GG AlyGhaea_GG Aug 31
TBH if someone lend me a pencil I will just end up losing it
damryn damryn Nov 21
I'm reading this because your 'little rockstar book 2' made me sad, lets hope this is a happy fic
LernJergi48 LernJergi48 Oct 20
Lol... im 5,1 and believe it or not im "the tall one" in the family😂 gosh my mom is shorter than ally by a bit and my sister is ally's hight so im camila's hight
damryn damryn Nov 21
Oh shite I just said three ships oops, NormAllly Camren and Caminah