Mated to my boyfriends brother ~ #Wattys2016

Mated to my boyfriends brother ~ #Wattys2016

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MintyMinter By MintyMinter Updated Jan 01, 2017

"You are mine! How could you date my own brother! You're such a slut" My boyfriends brother screams at me with his eyes full of rage

"What the hell! I'm not 'yours'! I can date whoever I want! I didn't even know that you existed! I don't even know what mates are I'm not a werewolf!" I scream at him raging. How dare he say that to me! 

'This is all your fault! I warned you!' Tigrah scolds me. She's right, she did warn me. I'm so stupid.. 


Skyler, 18 years old lives in Canada with her  older sister Katia. She's dating the hottest guy in school, Andrew, a typical hot guy. Nice hair, perfect jawline, muscles, he also has a great personality. Funny, smart, ambitious an romantic. Perfect right? Well their paradise all changes when Andrews brother comes to visit and meets his mate. SKYLER. What's gonna happen? Is Skyler gonna dump her MATE? Is she gonna dump the guy whom she sees as her love of her life? Read the novel to find out!

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Ray_di_ant Ray_di_ant Sep 02, 2017
Augustus Waters will forever be in my heart 🙌💓😭😭😭
midnight_clusters midnight_clusters Feb 14, 2017
I don't wear makeup and I'm
                              Not pretty either but I don't care
sareena_15 sareena_15 Feb 20, 2017
I don't wear makeup but aye curly hair gang I leave it as it is straightening it is too much time and too much effort gah I'm just a lazy thot