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Hidden eyes (Ziall)

Hidden eyes (Ziall)

382K Reads 14.1K Votes 25 Part Story
Lisa By Caliske_XP Completed

Burning eyes in your back. The feeling someone is watching you.
That's the feeling Niall has since three months. Everywhere he goes he can feel someone watching him, but when he searches for that person, he doesn't see anyone.
One day, a new student arrives at Niall's school. The stranger is in the same class as him and everything seems normal about the new kid. That's until he looks at Niall and Niall get's the familiar feeling... Eyes boring into his back.

"Being with him made me change. I don't want to be the way I am anymore."

~This is boyxboy (Ziall) Don't read if you don't like it.

notperfect556 notperfect556 Oct 13, 2016
I have two big Windows that look out to our back woods and there's no curtains on them so it feels like someone is watching me everyday, and when I'm alone I carry around a knife just incase some person decided to mess with the wrong black gurl
zedfed zedfed Apr 15, 2016
i'd thought it'd be a ghost but in this case zayn so i dont mind if i were neil
Kimberly_420blz Kimberly_420blz Feb 21, 2016
Greetings. I am from the future of 2016. One Direction is on break and Zayn has two new songs and a collab.
notperfect556 notperfect556 Oct 13, 2016
My reflexes... Booiii you have been backhanded you so HARD you go flying into next year... Boooiiii don't go creeping like that
smd_fangirl smd_fangirl Apr 03, 2016
omg same, every time I see how old the date is I feel like I'm time traveling
notperfect556 notperfect556 Oct 13, 2016
Oh he won't kill yah. But you'll probably have a seizure when u se the boy bcuz he fine af