His Shy Luna

His Shy Luna

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Elizabeth By lizzydance4ever Updated Jul 22


Lillian Masters is 16 year old girl. She's considered the nerd at her school, the shy freakish girl. But what most people don't know is that she is the daughter of the second most power Alpha in the World, Alpha Masters. Her parents have kept her hidden from most of the outside world; by Lillian's request. Lillian is not your normal out-going teenage girl. With the pressures of an ultimatum of either acting like her brother or not existing in her father's eyes. She chose the second option. How does she handle it?

Aiden Blackvan is 19 years old and is also known for being a notorious bad-boy player. Not only is Aiden known for his reputation he is also known for being the worlds most powerful Alpha.
So what happens when Aiden visits Alpha Masters' house to meet his family? What happens when Lillian finds out that her mate is the player bad-boy Alpha Aiden Blackvan? Will she accept him or will she crack underneath the pressure of being Luna?

Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Apr 02
Oh hunny, stop, just stop, it makes me so sad that people cut themselves, and I think it's wrong of people to cut themselves for attention, like a girl at my school, she does it for attention when she doesn't get enough 😕😣
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Apr 02
Sometimes I have breakdowns, not metal breakdowns, but when I keep things bottled up I just explode sooner or later in a ball of tears, kinda weird but that's how I break down
When someone bullies me, i shrivel up and i almost cry, till my friends stick up for me
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Feb 27
Dang, she's so pretty, but the frame blocks out her eyebrows, hope they're on fleek 😊
I hate human contact or talking to people that arnt my friends
AmberMay435 AmberMay435 Jan 29
Don't doubt your writing. Don't let any body tell you that your writing is bad. You are a great writer and if people can't see that then they are really dumb