My Brat is A Demon (Ereri/Riren)

My Brat is A Demon (Ereri/Riren)

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❅Vitya❅ By Ereri104 Completed

× Demon!Eren x Priest!Levi ×
Status: Completed √ 

Levi fights and kills demons for a living. Out on a mission with his friend Hanji, he meets Satan's Spawn. 

Warning! This story contains:
× Blood, Gore and Violence
× BoyxBoy content

Won't be the only thing hardening at the sight of you
RandomFFS RandomFFS Dec 27, 2016
*-Me reading random comments-*
                              OMG I love people here on wattpadXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
lovishdelirious lovishdelirious Dec 28, 2016
Anyone find it weird how only the parents are dying! #Illuminati!
Soo... Eren stole Sebbys hooker boots and Aloises booty shorts...
Me sitting here being like:
                              Whut da fruck are you doing Sebby
That-One-Insomniac That-One-Insomniac Dec 19, 2016
It's attack on Titan but instead of Titans, it demns, Attack on Demon