My Brat is A Demon (Ereri/Riren)

My Brat is A Demon (Ereri/Riren)

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ereri/riren By Ereri104 Completed

× Demon!Eren x Priest!Levi ×
Status: Completed √ 

Levi fights and kills demons for a living. One night when he's out on a mission, with his friend Hanji, he meets Satan's Spawn. 

Sequel: My Mate is A Priest

Note that this story contains:
× Blood, Gore and Violence
× BoyxBoy content

  • blood
  • carla
  • demon
  • demons
  • eren
  • erenxlevi
  • ereri
  • futuresmut
  • gore
  • grisha
  • halfdemon
  • levixeren
  • lévi
  • priest
  • riren
  • satan
  • sweettooth
  • violence
Rose136900 Rose136900 Mar 15
Does anyone else noticed that hanji is female in most fanfics even though Hanji technically does not have a gender according to the author of the manga
-Eren-Ackerman- -Eren-Ackerman- Nov 28, 2017
*picks her and puts her in a space that says friend zone* back in your place your go
- - Sep 18, 2017
Eren, you may be Satan's spawn, but im his cousin.
                              And i have more power over satan, and you seriously dont want to meet the sawn of Nightmare's
Rose136900 Rose136900 Mar 15
Reading all the comments so far I am going to say that Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, and Supernatural all had a baby and this is the baby
KilllZoldyck KilllZoldyck Oct 24, 2017
Omg. It's beautiful friendship and people in comments are like "gtfo Hanji it's Ereri not LeviHan" lolololol 😂
GottaGoShip GottaGoShip Apr 04
                              I know its eren but it has so many details that sebastian has :U