The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy

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cecymilan By cecymilan Updated Sep 02, 2013

Everyone has a crush right? Whether its with your best friend, your teacher, mr. Popular, the nerd, maybe the janitor, even the principal, Or the typical...  

Bad Boy.

Either one you can't seem to stop thinking about him. You walk by something and instantly your thinking about HIM. Or in the hallways your desperately wanting to get in his way so he could see you and maybe start a conversation. Or when he smiles at you and gives you a simple 'hi' it's like the world stops and you melt.

Or when he approaches you and says your name and your frozen screaming on the inside 'omg! He knows my name!' which in fact causes you to think nonstop on his deep sexy voice and how perfect your name sounded coming out of his mouth. And his perfect lips wondering how soft they really are...

Anyways what is a shy girl going to do when she meets her new schools bad boy? especially since her definition of fun is sitting in her room reading twilight... so read on to find out ^_ ^

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mekedawilliams mekedawilliams May 29, 2017
did you say cherries? *licks lips* mhmm gimmie gimmie  dopeas
                              lmao it was awesome dope
sara_gomez_rss sara_gomez_rss Jul 18, 2016
Why is everyone getting mad? The girl was raised that way so to her it's small, well that and it a BOOK. Calm down peoples.
Mystery_sweet Mystery_sweet Jul 29, 2016
Right but instead it was not my friend but the HUGE school GOSSIPER SO THEY COULD KISS that broke me but I think they were looking at my butt cud I was talking to my friends while leaning on the table and they were behind me
DrNoodleArmz DrNoodleArmz Oct 17, 2016
I really like the prologue... but just wondering... do up revise it? Because you know.... there's some parts where I don't know what ur trying to say..... but it's still really funny and cool xD
LaKaunda LaKaunda Jun 20, 2016
Much.smaller? Okay, i live in a house with 3bedrooms and 1bathroom, with 4 people, one MASTIFF, one cat, one bunny, and one bird, the fück you talking about smaller?
- - Mar 31, 2014
*I die a little in the inside :'( 
                              *a moment of silence for us sisters