His Young Mate (#Wattys2016) (COMPLETED)

His Young Mate (#Wattys2016) (COMPLETED)

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JordanGranzow By jordangranzow Completed

Sutton is only thirteen when she meets her mate, the alpha king. Her whole entire world is changed, especially when she and her mate are taken by a vampire and forced to partake in an experiment, it causes damage to the two mates. 
They no longer care about anything but surviving. Facing grave danger, new friendships, heartache. 

But what happens when they find each-other for the first time in three years.
Sutton being sixteen making her even more mature than she already was.  How will the two learn to cope with each other? Can they build a love? 

Can Sutton learn to live the life she was destined  for? The danger that is lurking for years is now ready to come and get revenge, but on who?

Will they ever have a happy ending?
Or were they destined to suffer?
The time has come, for all the secrets to become revealed.

Join the journey of heartache, and a defiant she wolf and a stubborn alpha. Can Peyton break Sutton?

Cover by: Sarah_kingxx

  • abuse
  • alpha
  • battle
  • compelted
  • cruel
  • death
  • dominance
  • enemies
  • evil
  • forest
  • hate
  • love
  • luna
  • mates
  • runway
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • witches
  • youngmate
ThrussyBoi ThrussyBoi Aug 11, 2017
Every leap you take, every tree you dodge, Ill be watching you
Katy_the_demon Katy_the_demon Apr 23, 2016
*starts waving*
                              Now people are looking at me like I'm weird 0-0
EdolasLevy EdolasLevy Jun 21, 2016
I just want to say that the girl they used as their cover was actually nine in those photos. 
- - Feb 25, 2016
Um okay... I'm thirteen and feeling slight uncomfortable cus.... Pedo
missshewolf32 missshewolf32 May 11, 2016
Omg I love this story already and it just began....😘😘😘😍😍😍
JaclynMcDonald JaclynMcDonald Jul 08, 2016
Oooooh this is fuckiñ cool, I love me some hide and seek. Except this time .... We're seekin.... FUR LOVVEE