Tessa, Please!

Tessa, Please!

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"Hmm Gay?"

"Is being Gay wrong?

"Nope. There is nothing wrong with being Gay. If two men or two women fall in love with each other, then they deserve to be happy. People can do what they like, Tessa. Even if others dont agree. There is nothing wrong with being Gay. It's just a way of life, no one can help it"


"Being Gay might not be the norm, but if it makes you feel good, if you love the person your with, no matter what gender, skin colour, race. Then what others think doesnt matter. Enjoy life how you want to, dont let others get you down"

"I'm Gay. And I love her. But- she doesnt"

"Hmm.. How did you know that?"

"Just a feeling"


*Beberapa chapter di private!*

maqy11 maqy11 Apr 10
Jiahhh😂 pagi pagi udh dikasi khotbah yg berbobot buat oci😁😁😁
MintFingers MintFingers May 13
Ini demi apa karekternya mirip banget sama aku dan temen2.ku pas SMA...
Hydrargyrum17 Hydrargyrum17 Nov 08, 2015
@rian4455 iya, sengaja biar readersnya pada bingung mahamin nya wkwk.