All About You

All About You

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Kay :D By LivingBreathingKay Updated Sep 04, 2011

Riley Taylor has always hidden behind the shadows of her best friend Tiffany Gails. Tiffany has always been the outgoing, gorgeous, fashionable and chatty one, while Riley often keeps to herself.

She’s doesn’t mind not being in the spotlight. Neither does she really mind Tiffany stealing all the limelight and boys. Until Riley’s brother’s best friend Parker Brock comes into the picture. 

Riley can’t help being drawn to Parker, and just as she thinks things are going somewhere, they take a turn for the worst. His suaveness, charm, friendly demeanor and handsome features have attracted Tiffany, and before Riley knows it, Tiffany is with Parker.

 And with that, something inside Riley snaps. The unbreakable bond between Tiffany and her perhaps. And the anger and hate she feels is suddenly fighting for release.

What happens then?

[Inspired by Something Borrowed]

Me2Sank Me2Sank Sep 04, 2011
i loved it!! and like ChocolateWonders said, Tiffany is horrible but she's just so damn entertaining :P lol keep up the amazing work and upload soon!!
LivingBreathingKay LivingBreathingKay Sep 03, 2011
@RockingDiamonds That's awesome that you can relate to it. I agree with you though, I have friends that are pretty materialistic, and in the clique I was in, I watched as one of the girls ditched a friend because they found her too fat, and I couldn't do anything about it. And thanks.
Me2Sank Me2Sank Sep 02, 2011
this is really really good! i think its a really good idea nd you could take it really far! upload soon! :))