Thugs Ain't For Me: Chapter III

Thugs Ain't For Me: Chapter III

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Urban Goddess By Urban-Goddess Updated Sep 18

Urban Fiction ×This is the THIRD book×

*Two years later*

Bella and Stella ain't babies anymore, nor have they ever been. In this Trilogy of the 'Thugs ain't for me' series the girls, alongside some friends, enemies, and family, face more drama than ever before. 

Stella fresh out of high school has made a life changing decision. She has accepted it and moved on but will she be able to accept the consequences?

Bella has finished her two-year degree and has a new career. Where her top fashion designer boss has some secrets and love for Bella's former Kingpin boyfriend and baby daddy. Will Bella learn how to mind her own and continue to stay on the straight and narrow or will she slip up and make some questionable choices?

 Mia just finished traveling the world with her new hubby and sons and is on her way to the top of her booming career that she got with the help of big time Business woman, Syleena Morgan. But is Syleena only helping Mia so she could get close to her husband while her fiance sits in prison awaiting possible charges for the murder of deceased thug Kasey Michaels? 

Preston has more to worry about than just Bella's boss. His new bride, Talia, has more dirt on her than imaginable. What will her motives and goals be? 

But, to finish it off, Kasey's little bro has flew in from Chicago to get answers on his brothers death and has Stella twisted around his finger. Will Stella become apart of the street drama or what? 

And yet with all the positive in their lives, goodbyes will be said to the closest ones of all and the past comes back to hunt them. You might think you've seen it all, but here's chapter three and its a game changer.

~Chapter Updates every Thursday~

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mellywynter25 mellywynter25 Jul 15, 2016
Omg man i been binge reading the series for like 2 days . I really cant wait !!