Best BoyXBoy Stories

Best BoyXBoy Stories

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wolfhunter By wolfhunter17 Completed

This a collection of amazing books written by amazing authors that I thought needed to be shared with all you amazing people. 
This is a collection of MY top favorite and some others that I couldn't resist adding in here.

I am keeping this about 30 chapters long, because I want ALL of them recognized, so eventually I will make a second list.  
Now a final warning as you have seen the title, these are all BOY LOVE stories, don't like them that's your opinion. I have included all the authors descriptions of their stories along with any bolded warning that have been provided. 

Now enjoy the many lovable stories that you simply can't not read. ^^ enjoy ~A

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My_Xiene My_Xiene Nov 24
My personal fave is The Lord of the Underworld and I'll never forget. "I'M HADES,BITCH"
THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD I CANT😭😭😭😭😍 Everyone needs to read it😭😍😆😂😍
elisabeth96 elisabeth96 Apr 29
This is the one that fûçkèd me up. I can't with this 😭
elisabeth96 elisabeth96 Apr 29
My bad. I did finish this one. But it still fûçkèd me up.
elisabeth96 elisabeth96 Apr 29
Fûcking inferi series got me all fûçkèd up. See how all of those books are connected? I stopped at the sons of lucifer, the one with the sin Lust? That shît broke me up. I want to finish them but I can't 😭 so frustrating.
Sounds so awesome! I'm writing a boyxboy fantasy/paranormal book myself so I've added the first one of these to my library, can't wait to read!