Best BoyXBoy Stories

Best BoyXBoy Stories

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wolfhunter By wolfhunter17 Completed

This a collection of amazing books written by amazing authors that I thought needed to be shared with all you amazing people. 
This is a collection of MY top favorite and some others that I couldn't resist adding in this. 

Now as a warning you have seen the title, these are all BOY LOVE stories, don't like them that's your opinion. I have included all the authors descriptions of their stories along with any bolded warning that have been provided. 

Now enjoy the many lovable stories that you simply can't not read. ^^ enjoy ~A

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My_Xiene My_Xiene Nov 24, 2017
My personal fave is The Lord of the Underworld and I'll never forget. "I'M HADES,BITCH"
Jins_Ahjussi_Jokes Jins_Ahjussi_Jokes Oct 08, 2017
THIS SERIES IS SO GOOD I CANT😭😭😭😭😍 Everyone needs to read it😭😍😆😂😍
elisabeth96 elisabeth96 Apr 29, 2017
This is the one that fûçkèd me up. I can't with this 😭
elisabeth96 elisabeth96 Apr 29, 2017
My bad. I did finish this one. But it still fûçkèd me up.
elisabeth96 elisabeth96 Apr 29, 2017
Fûcking inferi series got me all fûçkèd up. See how all of those books are connected? I stopped at the sons of lucifer, the one with the sin Lust? That shît broke me up. I want to finish them but I can't 😭 so frustrating.
sapphicauthor sapphicauthor Nov 25, 2017
Sounds so awesome! I'm writing a boyxboy fantasy/paranormal book myself so I've added the first one of these to my library, can't wait to read!