because of the stars •-• gravity falls

because of the stars •-• gravity falls

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˗ˏˋallisonˎˊ˗ By septiplierfalls Updated Oct 21

"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real, too. They live inside of us. 

And sometimes they win." - Stephen King

(first fanfiction ever)

Dipper how many f*cking times are you gonna jinx yourself God dammit 😂
Man, you get one paragraph into the story and things are already heading south for Dip.
Gaster_Girl Gaster_Girl Mar 31
lol i bet pewdiepie would have kicked Dip's a** if it were his
"Cant get any worse"
                              "We're safe"
                              The jinxes of shows and books.
cattheneko cattheneko Mar 11
Mabel, it's okay sweetie!! *comforts* I'll help you rebuild it if you want!!! ^w^
(Spits angrily) Cipher. I knew you'd show up sooner or later. 
                              Bill: Oh yes I did!
                              Me: I'm in DipperClan for a reason, Cipher, get out of my face.
                              Bill: You're no fun! (Leaves)