Rock & Royalty

Rock & Royalty

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The Royals Season 3 By TheRoyalsOnE Completed

Happily-ever-after only happens in fairytales, as Princess Eleanor knows all too well. In real life, drugs and booze - as well as a certain blackmailing bodyguard - are the only things that can warm an empty heart. 

For Prince Liam, real life happens to include dealing with the distant heaviness of the crown, avoiding scandal and trying to figure out what business his girlfriend could possibly have with his swine of an uncle. 

And the Queen? She just wants to keep her power - and if that means stepping on a few heads (including the king's) to do it, she will. Nothing will stop her - not even her lover.
After all, even royals have 'It's Complicated' as their relationship status...

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9A_R_K9 9A_R_K9 Jun 01, 2016
Damn Daniel!! Love love love the show and love love love the book😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
G7stan G7stan Jan 08, 2016
oh......did she take a pic of her pusseeeeee and put it as her profile pic or something.....
JessicaMarshall563 JessicaMarshall563 Dec 03, 2015
Why do I find this romantic? Seriously, this goes against every feminist ideal I've ever had
ayla_face ayla_face Nov 10, 2015
litterly watched the whole first season after reading the first chapter
SummerDances SummerDances Nov 09, 2015
Okay im seriously confused. What you are all saying goes completely against what all feminist stand for. He is talking about owning her and her body. You are all entitled to you own opinion, but I hope that Elanor gets some balls and fires his sorry ass