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Unknowingly His(Unpublishing From 15th June-26th June)

Unknowingly His(Unpublishing From 15th June-26th June)

1M Reads 20K Votes 20 Part Story
Azzy_Writes By Being_Elegant Completed

#1 in spiritual 40+ times & counting:)

"You are mine!" He claimed, gazing at her deep hazel eyes intensely. 

"No, I was never yours."She countered, as a lone tear fell from her eyes.

"You were and you are. I will not let you get married to anyone else and there will be only my name in your henna!" Daniyal smiled gandering at her delicate hands, which were soon going to be covered with henna, but with his name?

"Aren't you happy that I am finally leaving your house! Please Daniyal! You know how much it took me to be okay after you broke our friendship! Then you came back again as if nothing happened?" Kinza Malak burst into tears. Her bottled up emotions exploded like a volcano abruptly!

"I am sorry Kinza. I was a jerk back then; I spoilt everything. Please let me fulfil the promise, my dad made to your abbu," with that he walked away, hiding hurt and love in his emotionless eyes, leaving a shocking Kinza behind.

Cover :Hershey-z

Why r u unpublishing it??? Plz don't. I just started it and I don't think I can complete it before 27may
What is going on with my account man. I read this book so long ago and now it wasn't even in my reading list and there aren't even my votes on it.
najlakathi najlakathi May 08 d world here is judging islam by looking at the muslims hu intentionally or by mistake practice islam in d wrong way......n "islam is perfect muslims arent."...dis serves to b a good explanation to dem...
Sanaahameed Sanaahameed May 16
Wow..u jst said in one sentence...hope world should understand this soon... excellent..  and thanks for making me feel that yes..iam muslim and human being surrounded by tonnes of things and i need to show the world that islam is perfect and muslims are still trying to adapt the things from Islam.
sani-france sani-france May 22
It is little confusing for me ,cuz i am a 12yr old child & I don't know about the marriages and the relationships . but it is very nice story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saddynooraz saddynooraz Jun 10
I was just about to start it.....n i read ur p.s💖 in sha Allahhhh vill read after ramzaan