To Intrigue a Cavelli [The Seven Cavelli Brothers #1]

To Intrigue a Cavelli [The Seven Cavelli Brothers #1]

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ceelia By CeeTheSpinster Updated Mar 05

What a Cavelli Wants, a Cavelli gets...
Vitelli Cavelli is by birth a brilliant businessman. Born an enigma even to his parents, Vitelli is not ready to forfeit his bachelor card. 

 With a hefty bank balance, near perfect looks and a master of the female body, this Cavelli has always gotten what he wants.

Olivia 'Ollie' Clarkson is a pediatrician and every public workers nightmare. 

Having gone through a rough childhood, her life goal is to expose all the greedy and selfish bastards in the adoption system and one day build an orphanage of her own. 

Her hectic lifestyle does not allow time for men, yet she can't seem to stay away from the arrogant brute who makes her blood boil.

Excerpt from book

"Do not let another man touch you," he growled lowly, "Or I will not hesitate to cripple him beyond repair. You are mine Olivia and Cavelli's do not share" His grey eyes flashed as he withdrew, leaving her in the form of a hot, panting and unsatisfied mess.

Did I miss a book previous to this or something? Or is this just one of those preludes where it's an excerpt from the actual story? If it's the latter, interesting choice...
Someone sounds upset. I'm taking his ego took a dangerous blow from being ignored lol.
Oh my gosh... *gushes*
                              I so know its gonna be an amazing story 👌
Wait is he talking about the woman he was just in bed with? Or a character we haven't met yet?
😂😂 I would not want my va-jay-jay referred to as a cavern. Caverns are big and spacious and often cold. Not sexy.
uzhmxa uzhmxa Mar 10
Are u going to do different povs or is it going to be third person all the way?