..and they fell in love - A Manan Story KYY

..and they fell in love - A Manan Story KYY

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It was rainy day and I walked through the gate - a little lost, a lot apprehensive, wondering if this new phase in my life would be worth it. No! I decided, determined that this new beginning was going to be the much- required fresh start that I needed. I continued walking and dialed a number

"Hey Nandini! Are you here?" exclaimed an excited voice on the other end

"Yes Abhimanyu. Finally made it", I said "Where should I meet you?"

"Here", said a voice behind me and I turned to find a hulk of a guy towering over, ready to pounce and he literally did as he swooshed me up in his arms. People stopped and stared making me extremely conscious and I immediately spoke up. "Listen, you are creating a scene. Please. Let me at least breathe" 

"Oh Nandini! This is my college. I can do whatever I want and comeon, a brother is allowed to get excited to finally see his little sister in his college", he took off. I just rolled my eyes and said, "Alright alright, now can t...

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