Confessions Of A Teenage Werewolf

Confessions Of A Teenage Werewolf

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Lord Voldemort By repswiftly Updated Oct 19, 2014

Life hasn't been easy for Myra Brookes. She's a werewolf in a fairly small pack called The Black Forest pack. She's nineteen and has lost almost all hope in finding her mate, but how could she worry about that when she had The Silvermoon Pack to worry about?

The Silvermoon Pack were by far the largest and strongest pack close by and they were the enemy to The Black Forest's. Ever since her Dad's death two years ago, she's been helping her twin brother, Jason, adjust to being Alpha and to deal with The Silvermoon.

One night she's drugged and kidnapped by no other than the enemy pack only to recieve the most wonderful and terrifying shock. Tobias Weston, Alpha of Silvermoon, is her mate. She's torn whether to support her brother or live with bond that is strengthening everyday with Tobias. 

Although Tobias is relieved and attracted to his beautiful mate, he finally has leverage over The Black Forest pack. 

With heat and lust and the sheer need to be with her mate, Myra is finding it difficult to hate the Alpha that has been slowly killing off her pack and making their lives a misery. She has grown up hating him but the urge to mate is too strong. 

Follow Myra and find out how difficult her decision is and why Fate has put her in formidable position.

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Yes a very great chapter!!! So far nothing wrong involving werewolves!